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Video Projects

Below are a few of my favorite and most significant video projects. To view these and other videos, visit my YouTube channel.

Support Project RETURN Housing

Project RETURN is a Milwaukee based nonprofit that exists to help men and women make a positive, permanent return to community, family and friends.

Project RETURN’s staff helps clients overcome barriers created by incarceration to help aid in a successful reentry. Programs offered address the direct needs of those we serve, working to increase the prospects of success and lower the chances of recidivism. One of the barriers that returning citizens face is finding stable housing.

I created this video for them to share with potential donors and government agencies to help them raise money and advocate to build a new transitional housing facility.

Achieving the Dream

Allison Trice, a Habitat Homeowner of over 16 years, recently made her dream a reality when she opened a BBQ business with her partner. 

On December 23, 2021, Allison and Kevin opened Junior’s Smoked BBQ in Sherman Phoenix – a popular new entrepreneurial hub and marketplace in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood. Now, Junior’s Smoked BBQ has a storefront, travels to farmers markets around the Milwaukee area, caters events, and has grown to a popular barbeque destination in the city.

We love you, Grandpa

The last time I saw my Grandpa, we said this prayer with him. We laughed together as we realized he was the only on in the room that knew all the words. We lost him a few days later and cherish moments like this. I made this video to honor and hold him close. Grateful for my cousins and Grandma for being part of it.

United in Service

Throughout my undergraduate schooling, I volunteered every Thursday with Vet's Place Central, a transitional housing facility for veterans. I had large dreams for this project, yet little experience before undertaking it. I started this project before the pandemic, and finished at the height of COVID. I have come a long way since this project, but it will forever mean so much to me. Vets Place is an incredible place.

Project Return 2021 Gala

Project Return is a Milwaukee based non-profit that works to help formerly incarcerated people successfully re-enter into society. These videos were used for their online gala in 2021.

Project RETURN Gala
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