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Habitat For Humanity Stories

"My Yard is a Ministry"

“My yard is a ministry. I give [my neighbors] food out of my garden. I praise the Lord out of my garden. Neighbors will come to my fence and talk to me about their problems,” Josephine said.

“[My yard] is a ministry and I need to fix it up the way the holy spirit guides me.”

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Not Too Far From Home

“We used to come down here and buy our shoes in one of the stores that was about 10 minutes from here,” Joe Goss said. “So we knew the [Harambee] neighborhood 40, maybe 50 years ago.”

Joe, along with his brothers, Tom and Michael, volunteer every Friday building homes for Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity and are known as “Habituals.”

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Jesuit Family Values

Click the image below to read a story I wrote about my extended family and the values that tie us together.

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My Medium page

Click the image below to view my Medium page and read my other work.

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